About Me

When I was a little girl, I never paid attention to any thing around me – how people were dressing , what car they drove, the colour of their houses, furniture, their eyes, hair, skin colours – I also remember my dad taking me to a neurologist expert thinking I have some difficulty. And when I was a little 5 year old girl, I remember that what inside people articulate me and shaped my curiosity; when having a new visitor at home, when having a new teacher, a new friend, random people in streets, restaurants… I was always overwhelmed with that curiosity INSIDE of me towards what’s INSIDE of them – who they are, what do their dreams look like, what makes them sad, what makes them cry? What are their fears, and what is their source of happiness!

I had that curiosity to the human soul and mind – guess it was born with me!

I’m here now 30 years later for you, for your inside, for merging my long life questions and answers, my genuine education, and my latest Human Development science, my 100’s of hours traveling the world meeting, searching, learning and practicing with the world’s top Human Development Science Universities and professors, and pioneers In regard to HUMAN.

My science, my professors owe me the biggest fact that opened my eyes ; no matter who you are, your colour, your education, language, family, country, age, bank account –  ‘WE ARE ALL SAME INSIDE’! The same thoughts, feelings, fear, motivation, doubts, dreams, hopes and tears!

Thanks to all who contributed to unveil that life biggest awareness fact in me!

Having this said – Previously, I thought through my travel and education of the highly sophisticated new Human Development-Science, that it will only affect and be applied on population with a certain level of awareness and IQ! To my surprise, and allow me to repeat myself again – WE ARE ALL ONLY HUMAN – my science was equally remarkably effective for any creature named Human, and that was fascinating for me!

I’m now in Jordan and the Middle East, to assist you get rid of any life chronicle pain, to be open about that ” I’m alone ” with your internal feelings that long time ago had locked you and blocked you from moving on towards your goals, towards your progress, towards your development, towards your happiness, simply towards your true self mission .. to be remembered.

So much so let’s take that tiny baby foot step in breaking the inherited, the long-time built wall which had locked you and locked our parents before from internal peace and happiness.

You are asking for the minimum; the need to be SEEN, HEARD, and SOOTHED nothing big.

I rely on you , whoever is reading this – take the step , show the model , spread the word  and awareness , if it’s not for us – it’s for the sake of our children in future life in peace and happiness.

Please review the list of services on this website, chose one for you, or share it with your beloved ones encourage them, tell them – it’s not any more normal to hide your pain. Time to unleash your capabilities.

Looking forward to meet each of you

Sincerely yours,
Gayda Sadieh