Childhood abuse

If anyone have suffered any kind of abuse as a child – physical, emotional or sexual – then Psychotherapy is one of the most powerful and effective means available now a days for resolving childhood abuse traumas.

All childhood abuse leaves emotional scars in the mind and these play out through the life in a multitude of ways. Low confidence, aggression, relationship troubles, sexual problems, self-sabotage, guilt, anxiety, depression… all are common symptoms someone may experience as a result of abuse as a child.

But the great news is they are all symptoms that can dissolve away when the problems are released.

If someone were abused as a child then his/her young mind is likely to have accepted ideas about themselves that are entirely untrue – that they are a ‘bad’ person, for example, or that they are worth less than others, need to justify their existence, or be punished, for example.

When use psychotherapy METHODSy to unlock these thoughts and feelings, they can begin to remember their self-worth and feel free once again. No more feeling like a child in adult company.

Sometimes this may take a few sessions – but the benefits are well worth it. A natural confidence, inner peace and a sense of feeling allowed to get on with life are typical benefits they can expect to experience.

We can use here a special type of Psychotherapy and hypnosis called ‘Hypnos-Analysis’ to help people with all sorts of physical, emotional and sexual child abuse problems.

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