Life is unfair “I say “people are unfair


People are unfair, not life! Everyone in this life has brought up to this life with their own unique abilities or deformity -fair – then we try our best to make Autism children to be the less who they are ! The less being themselves! Make them, pressure them, and force them to imitate the neurotypical population! And that’s unfair!

It’s the start up where those children try to be what so called “normal ” , suppressing anybody sensory , trying to fit in , and this which make them victims of bullying, mistreated , misunderstood . Unfair again and inhuman

In my long practice I saw many “normal “clients suffering from the same pain -mistreated, bullying, or social rejection.

In my clinic children, teens, adult with Autism syndrome are equally treated and helped as any other clients with any different psychological disorder, I do apply same treatment, same psychology interventions as the purpose of therapy for all human to feel safe, to feel sense of identity, to be able to receive /feel and send compassion.

ATUZEM Caregiver (mother, father) therapy can’t be separated therapy from the ATUZEM individual therapy

My unique believe and approach had helped many many children and teens

with Autism And their families don't hesitate to contact me on my


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