Anti aging –accept your age therapy

My therapy help you to develop new perspectives on life 

It’s normal to feel rather ambivalent about the prospect of getting older (unless you’re very young, of course). But for some people the idea of hitting a certain specific age, or of impending physical difficulties can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to enjoy life to the full.

The Accept Your Age Therapy session was created to provide a way for anyone who is feeling stressed about their current or future age to come to terms with their life’s journey and make the most of what they have.

We explore the different aspects of aging and how we respond to it at different times in our lives. Practical suggestions are offered for leading a healthy life, and the benefits of being older are highlighted. Openness to change is the real key, and my therapy  is a great way to develop more openness to what life brings.

A gently relaxing induction prepares you to make significant changes at a very deep level as your identify and connect with the key aims they have for the session.

My trance work guides you through a metaphorical process that allows you to respect everything within yourself and all your feelings about what is happening or will happen to you. From this self-acceptance you can move towards a new welcoming approach to the adventure of life, drawing on powerful inner resources to help you on your way.

More  orientation allow  you  to get a strong sense of what life will be like when lived within this new framework so that it no longer feels scary to engage with it.

We ensure that the new paradigm soon becomes firmly established and fully integrated, allowing you to get on with enjoying life.

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